Expected impact of phosphorus fertilisation on the eutrophication of terrestrial environment
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Institute for Land Reclamation and Grassland Farming, 05-090 Raszyn. Poland
Publication date: 2020-09-18
Acta Agroph. 2001, (52), 219-233
The aim of this papers is to discuss the expected effect of increasing phosphorus accumulation in cultivated soils. The global consumption of phosphorus fertilisers since 1954 exceeded 1 billion tons of P2O5, and about a half of this amount was used in European countries. More than 95% of mined phosphate rocks are provided to food production. That resulted that the total phosphorus content in agricultural used soils was doubled or tripled in European countries up to now. A further increase of phosphorus accumulation in the cultivated soils would conduct to eutrophication of water and terrestrial ecosystems. The euthrophication of surface water is rather good known phenomena, but the euthrophication of terrestrial ecosystem need broader identification. Main sources of phosphorus in environment is food production and consumption. In agriculture, a renewed attentions is required to ensure that phosphorus in modern farming systems is managed in a manner which is sustainable from the point of view of both agriculture and environment. The mitigation of cutrophication originated from phosphorus accumulation in agricultural soils could be achieved only on scientific basis followed with country and regional abatement programs.
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