Acta Agrophysica

Acta Agrophysica [Acta Agroph.]


Bohdan Dobrzański                     
Institute of Agrophysics
Polish Academy of Sciences


ISSN: 1234-4125, e-ISSN: 2300-6730


The periodical publishes original and reviewed research papers.

Acta Agrophysica is published since 1993, and from 2012 it is a quarterly. The periodical publishes papers presenting the results of fundamental and applied studies from the field of application of physics for the solution of problems relating to the management and protection of the natural environment, sustainable agriculture, and food processing. We publish papers in the Polish and the English languages.


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Thematic scope:

Application of physics and physicochemistry in soil science, agriculture and environmental protection; monitoring and modelling of processes taking place in the environment and of technological processes in the food processing industry and in the production of renewable energy; physical and physicochemical methods for the study of properties of soils and plants; quality of the environment, raw materials and food products.

Types of published articles:

 The periodical publishes reviewed original research papers as well as review and topic articles.

Declaration of primal versions of papers

Original version of all volumes is the printed version.

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MA Marek Pazur

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