Belarusian Polesye: problems of development and preservation of its natural complexes
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Institute for Problems of Natural Resources Use and Ecology, Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Staroborisovsky Trakt 10, 220114 Minsk, Belarus
Publication date: 2020-05-27
Acta Agroph. 2000, (26), 245-253
Natural and climatic features of Polesye have been given adequate consideration. The area of bogs and water-logged lands in the Belarusian Polesye constitutes about 44% of the total area of the region, drained lands exceed 2 million ha of which 1.0 million ha are peat deposits. Negative phenomena and processes which reduce fertility of the reclaimed lands and aggravate ecological situation in the region have been discussed. Phenomena such as non-comprehensive nature of reclamation, lack of balance between nutritive elements of plants, deflation caused by crop production, disability to control ground water level, surface and ground water quality impairment, etc. were discussed. A set of measures to ensure normal efficient use of reclaimed lands in Polesye with due account of environmental functions of waterlogged areas have been examined. Attention should be focused on renovation of obsolete and worn out melioration systems and improvement of productivity of reclaimed peat soils rather than development of new lands. In Polesye, natural complexes of interest for regulation processes at regional, European and global biospheric level are found, i.e., bog complexes that are worthy to be declared protected areas - natural sanctuaries of European importance.
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