Agrophysics for the environment and safety biological production
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Instytut Agrofizyki PAN, ul. Doświadczalna 4, 20-290 Lublin 27
Publication date: 2020-04-30
Acta Agroph. 1999, (20), 1–69
Agrophysics is a science dealing with physical properties and processes affecting plant production. The main topics of agrophysical investigations are mass (water, air, plant nutrients) and energy (light, heat) exchange in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum and way their regulation to reach to reach biomass of high quantity and quality. Agrophysical investigations can be presented in the form of a three-parameter system of classification (Scheme l). The term "Agrophysics" similarly to "Agrochemistry", "Agrobiology", "Agromelioration", "Agroclimatology" or "Agroecology" has been fully accepted as an agricultural specialization. Agrophysics research are developed by many scientific institutes but only the Institut of Agrophysics in Lublin (Poland) is the strongest unit for a complex investigations in the field of agrophysics. The Institute of Agrophysics (lA PAN) is one of the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It was founded by Professor Bohdan Dobrzański in 1968 in Lublin who was the first and long-term director of the Institute (till 1980). The staff of the Institute consists of 100 workers including 68 scientific representing various specializations: physics. physicochemistry. soil science. agricultural engineering, mechanics, mathematics. electronics, geography and biology. These scientists have very high qualifications achieved during long trainings in domestic and foreign centres. They were employed as postgraduate students and got their scientific degree on agrophysics. The Institute uses it 's own building cove ring a surface of about S 000 m2 situated in Lublin-Felin. The scientific structure of the Institute consists of six departments: 1. Hydrothermophysics of Soil Environment and Agricultural Materials. 2. Aeration and Gas Exchange of Soil Environment and Agricultural Materials. 3. Mechanics of Agricultural Materials. 4. Physicochemistry of Agricultural Materials. 5. Agrophysical Bases of Soil Environment Management. 6. Physical Bases o f the Evaluation and Improvement of Plant Materials. The Institute is a coordinator of agrophysical investigations in Poland and cooperates with many scientific institutions over the world. The agrophysicial investigations carried out by the Institute and under its coordination allow us to deepen our fundamental knowledge about the physical and physicochemical properties and processes concerning agricultural materials. They also have introduced new elements to environmental protection which are significant to the economy. The results from these investigations may be used to: – decrease soil physical degradation caused by erosion, soil crusting, sealing, compaction and structure destruction; – increase the efficiency of water and fertilizer use; – improve the technology of harvesting, storing and processing of plant materials to decrease quantitative and qualitative losses of these materials; – improve pl ant breading through formulation of physical properties of plants. The development of a theoretical basis in the field of agrophysics is of great importance for many agricultural specialization, e.g., soil science, soil technology, land reclamation, agricultural engineering, agroclimatology, agrochemistry, plant breeding and plant technology.
Agrofizyka dla środowiska i bezpiecznej produkcji biologicznej